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With this website I hope to inform you about my research into the family Name Coone, Davidse, Griek, Brozius and De penning. If you find any infomation that is incorrect or you have more information you would like to share please let me know by sending me an email.

I have been researching the name Coone for quite some time and this information can be found here. I have researched a large part of the name Griek and put some of the info on line. The data is not complete at all and their are some very large holes. If you have any information please send me an email.

The families I am researching are;

  • Coone
  • Griek
  • Davidse
  • Brozius
  • De Penning

My grandfather was a Dutch navy man and died on board of the Submarine KXVII in 1942. The submarine is alleged to have seen the Japanese Fleet going to Pearl Harbor. Because the English wanted to have the US involved in the war they instructed the Dutch submarine not to send the message and to make sure they have sunk the boat. If this is a real story or not will probably never surface but researching the KXVII has been a long and most of the time fruitless experience. A lot of the documents are gone or cannot be requested. The Dutch government is not able to help at all and some of the archives do simply not exist    

The story about the Dutch Submarine KXVII

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